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    Thank you very much. I apologize for the file. Thank you for amending the post.

    As far as I can tell, these files are limited to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (on Gamecube and PS2) and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life (on Gamecube).

    All files can be found on the root file of the disc (e.g. disc:\mainchapter0.arc.clz). They can be extracted by dumping an ISO of the game (e.g. using CleanRip), then can extract the ISO contents using a program such as GC Rebuilder.

    On the PS2 version of the game, it seems that there is both a compressed (mainchapter0.arc.clz) and uncompressed (mainchapter0.arc) version of the same file, although these might have issues due to the PS2 using little endian (as opposed to big endian on the gamecube).

    These files can be found by opening the PS2 ISO of the game, then opening DATA0000.AFS using AFS Explorer.

    Samples of these files (from any version of the game) can be provided upon request.

    I'm unsure whether it would break the Terms of Service to upload/link the files here, but I do have some info about my work researching the files on my WordPress blog for the project.

    I'll do some more digging into variants of the LZ77 and LZW (I believe some other games around that time also used LZSS).

    There are also European and German versions of the game, but I haven't done much work on those versions. Once I've been able to modify files on the English (USA) versions, I should be able to use that same knowledge to create a romhack of the German version (although I will likely need some help with translating).

    Hello everyone.

    I'm currently working on a mod for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

    However, a lot of the game files I'm looking for seem to be compressed into CLZ files.

    What I currently know about these files:

    • They all start with a file header of 43 4C 5A 00 at offset 0x00000000
    • They use big endian encoding
    • They only contain one file (e.g. commonall.arc.clz would be a compressed version of commonall.arc)
    • They then state the size of the decompressed file in hex (e.g. 00 53 54 90 or 5.46MB) twice at offsets 0x00000004 and 0x0000000c
    • Compressed data seemingly starts at offset 0x00000011
    • They seem to be using some unknown form of LZ (Lempel–Ziv) compression

    [Blocked Image:]

    I've tried testing file decompression using comtype_scan2, but have thus far been unsuccessful in finding a suitable match.

    It seems that the game must decompress and read these files on the fly when loading the game, so I was wondering if anyone has any experience in using Dolphin's debug mode.

    Ideally, I'm wanting to find what point the game reads these files, and then analyze that code to create a decompression tool.

    I've tried analyzing the game's main executable (dol file) and found that the loading of certain clz files seems to be linked to a SceneInit function.

    I've also managed to decompile the executable into human-readable (sort of) python format.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello everyone!

    My name's Sean and my primary interests are in Gamecube game hacking/modding.

    I'm currently working on a mod for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life / Another Wonderful Life.

    Currently, with regards to the game, I'm able to modify dialogue (mes files), modify textures (tpl files), and modify some archives (arc files).

    I have experience searching through file data, as well as hex editing.

    I also have some (very limited) experience with certain other file formats from experimenting with the gamecube sdk.

    I'm looking to broaden my experience with regards to model extraction/modification, as well as data decompression/recompression.