Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself~

  • Long ago, I registered here on ROMHacker's World under the username "Silver Riolu". I don't even remember myself registering here, but when I was attempting to register today, I noticed that I already had an account registered under my email.

    So what happened was I reset my password and logged back into my account again. And that's the stpry of how I logged back in.

    And since my username was "Silver Riolu", that tells me I registered waaaaaay back in 2008. xD

    So for those who are familiar with me, I'm Davin (aka "Platinum Lucario" or as I was back then, "Silver Riolu").

    I don't think I've even made an introduction thread here when I registered, and I just did a search, and it seems I never even created a thread or even posted on the forum. lol

    It's really awesome to at least make an introduction even though my account is very old.

    Anyways, as I was saying before, my name's Davin, I'm a guy who loves reverse-engineering games and have been since way back in late 2007. Pokémon ShinyGold was my inspiration for getting into ROM Hacking in the first place. Nowadays, you'll find me researching and documenting data in Pokémon Black Version, and all the 3DS Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, oh and not to also forget... the WiiWare Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games as well.

    I'm also a very kind and caring person, I'm always open to talking to people, and supporting people whenever possible. So if anyone wants to, you're always welcome to speak to me~

    It's very nice to meet you all~ ^^