• Hello there! Pokémon #035 I am Opal, and I love Pokemon rom hacks! I am actually working on one myself, so I came to this site in hopes of finding help, and maybe even providing help to others however I can. I hope to also make some friends as well.

    Things I can do:
    Edit trainer sprites (not the overworld sprites)
    Edit maps and connections
    Some script (I still have a bit to learn here)
    Help with storyline

    I hope for the best on this site! ^_^

    Aspiring to find my true desire. I want to know what it is that I can feel truly inclined to do.

  • Hi there, Opal
    Thanks for stopping by on RomHackersWorld!
    Though we're rather a German than an English RH-community I'm sure all of us are willing to help you as good as we can.

    Feel free to ask your questions in Beginners Corner and Advanced Corner.

    Enjoy your stay and have a good time^^